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    We believe in Emma Watson.

  2. Life is a movie and you’re the star. Give it a happy ending.
    Joan Rivers, speaking in 1995. (via newyorker)

    (via newyorker)

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Happy Labor Day
  4. SYAATL Five: Songs You Are About To Lurve.


    [There have been a backlog of Mixtapes fashioned by Matty & Myself over the past few months. This one, from January, is the fifth chapter in our “Songs You Are About To Love” series: "SYAATL V: Songs You Are About To Lurve."  Fun-ish Fact: some selections were made from MY HOSPITAL BED.]

    MO: From the time I heard the first notes of the Alabama Shakes' Boys and Girls album, I knew that it was going to be one of my favorites. In the year and change since then, it has proven to be all that and much more. Really, not since my stumbling into Television's Marquee Moon can I remember a record by an artist that had been previously unknown to me having such a long run atop my personal chart. 
    The grit. The riffs. All of it, really. But, oh the vocals. The vocals are what put this one over the top. Pristine. Soaring.  Chameleonic. At various points throughout, I found myself saying, “That sounds like Martha Reeves… That sounds like Mick Jagger…” The list went on: Janis Joplin, James Brown, Sarah Vaughan. All barking through this one set of pipes. There’s just so much there…
    So whatever, I always knew that one of these tracks would be featured prominently on our next Songs You’re About to Love mix. My problem was that I just didn’t know which one. I felt like Sophie except with 12 kids instead of two (and fine, with much lower stakes, I guess). There was this nagging other piece to my conundrum too — you see, I actually knew what the perfect song would be… that first one that got its hooks in me. The one from Silver Linings Playbook. That’s the one that kicked down the AlabamaShakes door for me. It would be perfect, but alas — it’s unavailable on Spotify. 

    So there I was, spending these last few months occasionally adding songs to my SYAA2L mix, always earmarking a slot for theShakes. Every time though, feeling those pangs of regret — it won’t be the song.

    As you know, I texted you yesterday to light a fire under this mix and you agreed that it was time. I could have sent you that text anytime in the last few months, but I didn’t not until now. That’s what makes this next part so great. You see, what you don’t know is that I sat down this morning to set about selecting our first song and I, out of habit really, checked in on the Alabama Shakes page to see if my subconscious had made any headway on this difficult decision. That’s when I saw it…

    That soundtrack song, the one that had been previously unavailable, the one that had started it all — now here as a single. 
    Well I needn’t tell you that I knew immediately where we’d be kicking this thing off. 
    Listening to it now, I can’t really put my finger on what aspect of this tune grabbed a hold of my soul with that first listen. Still though, even after hearing it hundreds of times, there’s still something in there now that grabs my shit and won’t let go. 

    So, without further hub-bub, let’s get this thing going. 

    Welcome to SYAA2L Five: Songs You’re About to Lurve — this is Alabama Shakes with Always Alright.

    …and Rod Stewart.

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  6. Sat on the park bench like bookends.
    High Res

    Sat on the park bench like bookends.

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Women are from Venus - Men are from New Jersey
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    Women are from Venus - Men are from New Jersey