1. nevver:

The Perry Bible Fellowship
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  2. First Day Of Spring | Liberty State Park, 2014

  3. Motivational Graffiti III.
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    Motivational Graffiti III.

  4. the great thing about creating a television show…


    …is that you get to lead the creation of a body of work as lengthy - and express an individual vision in as much detail - as the filmographies of most feature film directors. the trade off? you only have a mere fraction of the time, and money to do it.


  5. The Wife pointed me to this performance by Future Islands the other night. Aside from the catchy tipper-tapping of the tune itself, their frontman (Samuel T. Herring) is damn near mesmerizing. The moves, the passion — I’m sold.

  6. Motivational Graffiti.
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    Motivational Graffiti.

  7. yourgifman:

    sad parenthood story time with nick cave

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