1. Police & Thieves.

    With a little under two weeks until (finally!) the premiere of COPPER, I decided to throw together a little Spotify mixtape in honor of our impending debut. Music was a constant companion as I wrote on the show — whether it was some of my usual favorites or whether it was something to put me in more of a “Copper-like” mood (fun fact: those tunes included Luke Kelly/Ronnie Drew/The Dubliners, The Chieftains, a lot of old Irish singers I can’t recall, and a surprising amount of Chris Thile [especially the Goat Rodeo project]).

    This mix is something different: a collection of tunes following the themes of cops, criminals, or whatever shenanigans people of their ilk end up getting involved in. It kicks off with a tune from The Clash (this poster was on the wall of my office — fun fact #2) that was used brilliantly in our season-ending wrap video/gag reel for the cast and crew (fun fact #3). From there, we go all over the map:

    1. “Police & Thieves” - The Clash
    2. “Police Truck” - Dead Kennedys
    3. “Sound of Da Police” - KRS-One
    4. “Inside Looking Out” - The Animals
    5. “The Perfect Crime #2” - The Decemberists
    6. “Last Caress” - Misfits
    7. “I Fought The Law” - Bobby Fuller Four
    8. “Cocaine Blues” - Johnny Cash
    9. “53rd & 3rd” - The Ramones
    10. “Fuck Tha Police” - N.W.A.
    11. “Watching The Detectives” - Elvis Costello
    12. “New York City Cops” - The Strokes
    13. “Scene of the Crime” - Amazing Royal Crowns
    14. “Jailbird” - M. Ward
    15. “Cops And Robbers” - Bo Diddley
    16. “Hey Joe” - Jimi Hendrix
    17. “Children’s Story” - Slick Rick
    18. “Gun Street Girl” - Tom Waits
    19. “State Trooper” - Bruce Springsteen
    20. “Whiskey In The Jar” - The Pogues/Dubliners

    Twenty tracks, culled from a list of over fifty (fun fact #4: the last tune cut from this mix, a/k/a ‘Song 21’, was “Copperhead Road” by Steve Earle). Listen, share, please enjoy, and feel free to let me know what tracks I SHOULD have included in the comments.

    Lastly, let’s not forget the most important part: COPPER premieres on Sunday, August 19th at 10pm — only on BBC America.

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